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In the City of Escalon, residents are able to recycle paper, food waste and cardboard in their green/grey can. If they wish to recycle plastic or aluminum bottles or cans, we have recycling containers in all of our City parks, as well as at City Hall, that get collected by a local service group for recycling.

For electronic waste, the City offers 4 E-waste recycling events every year. Residents are also able to bring mattresses to one of those events and tires at another. Please see the schedule here for more information. You can also schedule E-waste, Large Item or TV/Computer Monitor pickups through Gilton. Head to their website or give them a call at (209) 527-3781 to schedule.

For more brochures and forms on recycling for San Joaquin County residents head here.

Want to learn what to do with your light bulbs? Or Pesticides? Or other items you're not sure what to do with? Check out this page!