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Organics Recycling (SB 1383)

New Organic Waste Recycling Program

California Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383) was adopted in 2016 by Governor Edmund Brown Jr., which launched a statewide effort to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP). 

According to the State, SLCPs (black carbon, methane, tropospheric ozone and hydrofluorocarbons) are super polluters, which are significantly more potent than carbon dioxide and are the second biggest contributors to the man-made global greenhouse effect.  Landfills are the third largest source of methane in California, and organics like food scraps, yard trimmings, paper and cardboard make up half of what Californians dump in landfills; therefore, reducing SLCPs will have the fastest impact on the climate crisis.

Collection and Recycling


Collection recycling


Implementing Senate Bill 1383 requires extensive procedural changes and significant coordination. The City of Escalon has updated collection operations, amended agreements with non-exclusive franchise haulers, amended the City’s municipal code and provided outreach and education to residents and businesses that will continue into the future.

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