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CCW Permit

CCW Permit

The Chief of Police may issue Carry Concealed Weapons Permits (CCW) to the residents of the city of Escalon.  In order to be issued a CCW Permit by the Escalon Police Department, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

The Escalon Police Department is aware of the Supreme Court Decision regarding a person's Second Amendment Right and regulations on CCW Permits, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen 597 U.S. (2022).  We are evaluating our policies and procedures to maintain compliance with State and Federal law while providing the most efficient permitting process for the residents of Escalon.

UPDATE 8/18/2022: In accordance with the law, applicants are not required to provide information justifying "good cause" for permit application.  A CCW permit is still required before carrying a firearm in public.

-Live within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Escalon (Residents living in the unincorporated area must contact
the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department.)

-Be of good moral character (Pass a background check)
-Complete a CCW training course through one of the following pre-approved firearms training centers:

First Priority Security Consulting, LLC
(510) 736-4333

Fred's Firearms (Only available for the 4 hour CCW Renewal class)
(209) 840-2126

Personal Defense Systems
(209) 430-9456

Rosengarten Security Training
(209) 610-1425

Trident Firearms Academy
(209) 535-0077

TSI Corps
(209) 815-8844

Valley Defense Consulting
(209) 552-5728

If you are interested in obtaining a CCW, you must complete a CCW application and submit it to the Escalon Police Department.

-Click here for CCW Application

Along with the application, you must also submit the following:

-CCW Permit processing fee of $100.00

-California Driver License

-At least three (3) letters of character references from persons other than relatives

-Proof of ownership and registration of each weapon to be licensed

-Live Scan Fingerprint submission ($119.00 Live Scan fee payable to the City of Escalon)

-Submit each weapon to be licensed to the department range master for a safety inspection

-Completion of a certified 16 hour  firearms training course (Certificate will be acceped within 90 days of completion)

**The fees submitted are non-refundable if your permit application is denied**

ANY false statements or OMISSION of facts from the application will be grounds for automatic denial of the application.

Contact Info

Escalon Police
2040 McHenry Ave
(209) 838-7093
Emergency Calls: