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Elected Officials

Elected Officials

The Escalon City Council meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the Escalon City Council Chambers located at 2060 McHenry Avenue.

Escalon is a full service General Law City and is managed utilizing the Council-Manager form of government. All five Council members are elected at large to four years terms, with the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem appointed by Council every two years.

As the elected legislative body of the City of Escalon, the City Council has overall responsibility in setting policy for the scope, direction and financing of City services. The City Council establishes local laws and policy that is administered and implemented through staff. The Council is also responsible for establishing land use policies through the General Plan and zoning regulations.

Under the Council-Manager form of government, the City Council provides policy direction to the City Manager who is responsible for administering City operations. In setting policy, the Council works closely with citizen advisory commissions and committees, considers staff information and recommendations, and receives comments from interested parties and the general public.

The Mayor and City Council Members welcome the public to attend their meetings as well as meet with them on a one-on-one basis.

 Dave Bellinger
Andrew Hagan Councilmember     
 Jeremy Engle City Council Member Melinda Walker City Council Member
Shawn Strohman City Council Member 
 Andrew Hagan
Mayor Pro-Tem
Jeremy Engle
Council Member
Malinda Walker
Council Member
 Shawn Strohman
Council Member

City Council Agendas & Minutes

Conflict of Interest Biennial Notice (10-1-22)

The City Council Members are elected officers identified in Government Code Section 87200 and file statements of economic interests with the City Clerk’s office. Copies of the statements of economic interests filed by the above elected officers may be obtained by visiting the offices of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) or the City Clerk. The physical address of the FPPC is 428 J Street, Suite 620, Sacramento, California 95814. The physical address of the City Clerk’s office is 2060 McHenry Avenue, Escalon CA 95320. The statements of economic interests for some state and local government agency elected officers may be available in electronic format on the FPPC’s website at