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RV & Boat Storage

RV & Boat Storage

Our RV & Boat Storage Lot is currently at capacity. To be placed on a waiting list, please contact City Hall at
(209) 691-7400.


Documentation Required:
• Permit application form completed in full for each separate vehicle/vessel/trailer, etc.
• The original or photocopy of the current DMV registration for the vehicle for which a permit is being requested and a copy of the current DMV license of the registered owner of said vehicle/vessel/trailer.
• Execution of the City’s Release of Liability Form
• Execution of the City’s Preauthorized Payment Service
• Copy of the current Proof of Insurance on said vehicle, vessel, trailer, etc.

Vehicle Specifications:
Permit shall be issued for a noncommercial passenger vehicle, as defined by the California Vehicle Code. Oversized vehicles, which exceed a width of seven (7) feet, a height of seven (7) feet, or a length of twenty (20) feet may be limited on the number of spaces available at the time of application.

Review of Application:
Upon the filing of the application, the City may make such investigation as necessary to determine whether such a permit should be issued. In no event shall such a permit be issued where it is determined that the vehicle specification and documentation requirements are not fully met.

Important notes:
• Applications and required documentation may be submitted for review at City Hall, located at 2060 McHenry Avenue.
• The parking/storage area is limited: a numbered space will be assigned upon approval and payment received.
• Permits are not transferrable.
• The parking/storage area does not provide electricity or a dump station.
• Oversized vehicles may be subject to an additional fee, based upon their size and number of spaces required to store the vehicle.
• Deposit may be used to provide payment in the event that payment is not received.
• If payment is not received after 30 days, the City will issue a letter advising of non-payment. After 60 days of non-payment, the City will issue a notice giving owner 72 hours to remove vehicle, or vehicle may be towed. The City reserves the right to file a claim in small claims court to be reimbursed for any expenses related to the removal of the vehicle/vessel/trailer off of City property.

For questions about this service or the guidelines, please contact Development Services at (209) 691-7430 or visit our website at